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There are some great options of business casual attire for women, if you want to look professional in laid back way. Who says you need to have complicated style and dress to look smart and professional.

It is always a great idea to invest in comfortable skirts and pants. Linen, corduroy, or khakis are the best option as they scream out professionalism and good look without making you look cheap or cheesy. Make sure to avoid leather or too tight skirt and pants. If you like wearing skirts, keep in mind that they look professional and elegant when they fall around the knees. Slits are okay, but avoid too high or too wide slits. Wear neutral colors, like brown, beige, black, navy or gray.

For the accessories, be sure that they are handy and functional, and won’t get you in the way. For instance, a wristwatch is good, as it combines functionality and style. If you decide to wear ethnic bangles but they end up obstructing your work flow, you’d better ditch them.  Also make sure that the shoes you wear are comfy and support your busy activities.


Three questions to ask yourself:

1) Could you wear this to a club? The answer is usually ‘then don’t wear it” but if you do plan to wear something tight make sure it is long and make sure the material is thick.

2) If you reach for something will your stomach, ass, or boob be revealed? If so, re-evaluate.

3) If a new hottie came into the office today would you be embarrassed and think you look too close to a Talbots ad? For the love of Anna Wintour please re-evaluate. And maybe burn said outfit.

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